Translating Practice into Policy: the Value of Practitioner led Research The Griffins Society Model

We would like to invite you to a workshop debating practitioner-led research, through the prism of research into effective treatment of females within the justice system.

The workshop will examine the value, challenges and opportunities for practitioner led research to influence practice and policy, using past and present Griffins Society sponsored research as an illustration. For over ten years the Griffins Society has been funding research by practitioners who seek to bring about change in the treatment of women and girls who offend and those at risk of offending. Keynote speakers will also include Prof. Carol Hedderman, University of Leicester.

Newsletter 30 July 2013

Dear PCA member

Please see below a packed summer edition of the PCA Newsletter.

Work here at PCA continues unabated. We continue to represent the probation professional standpoint, ensuring that the expertise of probation practitioners continues to feed in to the design of new Transforming Rehabilitation processes. There have been a number of workshops over the past month attended by volunteers from trusts. We hope to be able to feed back from these events in forthcoming newsletters.

We value your feedback. Send your comments to [email protected]

Savas Hadjipavlou
PCA Chief Executive

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Newsletter 17 May 2013

This edition reports, in particular, on the Government’s plans for Transforming Rehabilitation and the PCA’s communication work over the past few days to make sure that our views and concerns are understood within the media and stakeholders more broadly.

Newsletter 1 May 2013

We understand that the Government response to the Transforming Justice proposals will be published in the next week or two.  You will see below that we continue to press our points and concerns about the proposals with Ministers as well as with others.  And we will of course do so when the MoJ plans are finally published.   The PCA Council meeting on 17 May will be looking at, in particular, how PCA, working with others as appropriate, could help support the Association’s membership through the challenging period ahead.

Probation committed to delivering effective community sentences and rehabilitation for women offenders


The Government has announced new strategic objectives for female offenders in a ministerial statement today (22nd March 2013). The PCA welcomes the Government’s decision to establish an Advisory Board chaired by Helen Grant, which will have direct input from the leadership of Probation Trusts. Continue reading here…

International Women’s Day; Probation working with partners to address the distinct needs of women offenders


To mark International Women’s Day 2013 (8th March), the PCA would like to celebrate the efforts of Probation Trusts and other criminal justice sector partners in their work with women offenders.

Evidence shows that a gender informed approach is more effective in reducing the female prison population, reoffending and the number of women and girls entering the Criminal Justice System. To this end and at a local level, Probation Trusts in England & Wales have worked in a variety of ways to support and compliment Women’s Community Services. Many Probation Trusts are now working in partnership with statutory and voluntary partners to develop new and bespoke projects to support women using their expertise and knowledge to help shape the future of women’s services in an outcome focused environment.

Liz Rijnenberg, PCA lead on womens offenders and CEO of Wiltshire Probation Trust, in her leadership blog looks at current efforts of criminal justice sector providers to offer women offenders a distinct solution;  http://localhost/2013/01/03/women-offenders-a-distinct-group-who-need-a-distinct-solution/

In our recent case-study series, we covered the story of Rachel, a ‘low-risk’ woman offender managed by the public Probation Service; http://localhost/2013/01/23/case-study-probations-management-of-a-breach-of-sentence-for-a-low-risk-offender/

The PCA has also recently submitted evidence to the Parliamentary Justice select committee’s ongoing inquiry into women offenders; http://localhost/2012/10/22/justice-select-committee-inquiry-into-women-offenders/

Newsletter 22 February 2013

Dear PCA member

In this edition you will find links to the joint PCA/PA response – posted today on the PCA website – to the MoJ’s consultation paper on Transforming Justice. Also an updated version of the March  2013 PCA conference Programme.  The Conference this year will provide a key opportunity to hear from the Minister and to discuss the MoJ’s plans for reforming probation.  With over 200 delegates already registered it promises to be a busy event, looking at the challenging issues for the future shape of probation.

We value your feedback.  Send your comments to [email protected]

Savas Hadjipavlou
PCA Business Director

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Justice select committee inquiry into women offenders


In September the The Probation Chiefs Association submitted written evidence to the Justice Select Committee in regards to Women Offenders. To read the pertinent points of the article please click here.

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