Newsletter 2 October 2013

Dear PCA member

We have here a round-up of the latest on the Transforming Rehabilitation Programme.  Also a report back from the party conferences.

As in the previous newsletter I want to draw particular attention to the arrangements for next year’s PCA Conference, on 23- 24 January 2014 in Manchester. So make sure it is in your dairy and we expect to be opening registration at the end of October.

And again a reminder that the PCA Executive would like to invite applications from PCA members for three vacancies on the Executive Board: A Director vacancy, to be filled by Associate Members at PCA,  at Trust ACO/Director level, and two co-opted vacancies to be filled by members at any level, CEO,  or ACO/Director. No remuneration is payable to Directors or co-opted members, however expenses reasonably incurred on PCA business, will be reimbursed.  If you wish to be considered please send me (savas.hadjipavlou@localhost) a short statement in support of your application verifying also that the application  has the support of the Trust Chief Executive or Chair as appropriate.  Applications should reach me by 11 October please.  If you would like to discuss the roles please get in touch.

We value your feedback.  Send your comments to feedback@localhost

Savas Hadjipavlou

PCA Chief Executive