Improving health, cutting crime and saving public money

The Probation Chiefs Association and Revolving Doors Agency are pleased to be hosting ‘Improving health, cutting crime and saving public money’ workshops across 2 days, Wednesday 16th October 2013 and Thursday 31st October 2013.

This event is suitable for both Health and Criminal Service Commissioners and Providers. If you are interested, all event enquiries should be directed to Esther at Revolving Doors.

The disproportionately high levels of mental and physical ill health and other social problems among repeat offenders are well established.  But joint working across a range of bodies will be needed to reduce health inequalities and the reoffending that harms local communities.

This free half day workshop will bring together senior commissioners and other decision makers from across health, public health, social care and criminal justice to consider shared goals, responsibilities and cross sector partnership opportunities to improve health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce reoffending.

As significant reforms across health and criminal justice come into effect, this event is a timely opportunity to explore and develop a shared understanding of commissioning priorities across health and criminal justice domains, and to identify potential areas for new partnership approaches.

Presentations will include contributions from NHS England, Directors of Public Health, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and regional Criminal Justice Agencies. The conference will also provide opportunities to share learning with colleagues involved in developing and delivering initiatives to improve health outcomes among people in contact with the criminal justice system. A draft programme is attached.

Revolving Doors and the Probation Chiefs Association will be launching a joint briefing paper at the event which brings together the evidence of health inequalities among offenders, and offers practical guidance in developing co-ordinated local approaches in tackling these.

Event Details

Wednesday 16th October 2013 – London Probation Trust HQ, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SZ

Thursday 31st October 2013 – West Yorkshire Probation HQ, Cliff Hill House, Sandy Walk, Wakefield  WF1 2DJ

This event is suitable for both Health and Criminal Service Commissioners and Providers. If you are interested, all event enquiries should be directed to Esther at Revolving Doors.

PCA Seminar on Health & Wellbeing Boards


As Health and Wellbeing Boards are being established in local communities across England & Wales, there is an opportunity to improve the strategic planning and commissioning of health and care resources to better take account of specific offender needs. Not only would better targeting of resources to offender needs improve public health, but it would also help improve public safety by recognising the link between health inequalities and offending. Continue reading here….

Health & Wellbeing Boards and offender health needs

Some questions that this forum may wish to consider:
– How should Probation Trusts engage with HWBs to best ensure that the needs of offenders and ex-offenders are factored into  thesetting of local health and wellbeing priorites?

-What practical actions will HWBs be able to take to strategically prioritise the allocation of accessible services towards offenders in the community?
-How should HWBs assess/measure the impact of their actions in terms of both reducing health inequalities and making the local community safer?
-What data should PTs feed in to HWBs when they develop their Local JSNAs?
-How are partnerships and HWBs being structured in your local area?

Please feel free to enter this forum and post your opinions.

PCA Response to the Howard League for Penal Reform’s research into death of Offenders under Probation Supervision


The PCA welcomes the Howard League for Penal Reform’s research into the death of offenders under probation supervision.
In particular, the PCA notes that offenders are at a higher risk of death, have high rates of drugs and alcohol misuse, along with mental health problems.
Probation takes great care in assessing an offender’s health, welfare and needs, whilst continuing to effectively manage their rehabilitation and risk to the public. Continue reading here….