World Congress of Probation: Perspectives on Community Justice

In October 2013, CEP (European Organisation for Probation) will launch the first World Congress on Probation (WCP). The Congress is a new initiative to bring together practitioners and those with an interest in probation and community justice from across the globe to share their knowledge and experience. The Congress will provide participants with the opportunity to examine and discuss new and changing probation practices, with the overarching principle of changing lives and behaviours.

The Congress will be run in partnership with the National Offender Management Service, the Probation Chiefs Association, London Probation Trust, and West Yorkshire Probation Trust and will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London, UK – an excellent location to receive guests from around the world.

Event Details

8-10 October 2013, London, UK

Important note: Deadline for registration is 9 September 2013!

Useful Links:

 Programme > Provisional programme  (pdf) > Venue > Accomodation

World Congress on Probation

Daily Mail Reponse: The Probation Service Prevents Even More Crimes


The Daily Mail article ‘Crimes probation failed to prevent’ forgets to mention that probation working alongside the police and other partners stops offenders from committing nearly twice as many offences as those that go on to occur.

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Probation committed to delivering effective community sentences and rehabilitation for women offenders


The Government has announced new strategic objectives for female offenders in a ministerial statement today (22nd March 2013). The PCA welcomes the Government’s decision to establish an Advisory Board chaired by Helen Grant, which will have direct input from the leadership of Probation Trusts. Continue reading here…

PCA Response to Centre of Crime Prevention Report ‘Community Sentences are failing’


Contrary to the Centre for Crime Prevention report, community sentences are cutting crime and preventing victims.

Community sentences outperform short-term prison sentences and are 8.3% more effective in reducing one year proven re-offending rates.

The statistics the Centre for Crime Prevention use may look dramatic but in reality they do not make a lot of sense. They show a lack of understanding of the role of sentences, prisons and probation.

You cannot compare medium to long prison tariffs with community orders as sentencing guidelines wouldn’t allow them to be interchangeable sentences.

It would also be extremely costly to the taxpayer if we sent all 240,000 people, of whom around 160,000 do not go on to re-offend, to prison for at least four years as their report suggests. A four year prison sentence would amount to £88,000, ten times the cost of a community sentence.

What the public and victims really want to see is crime stop. Community sentences tackle the causes such as drug and alcohol addiction that lead to crime, and are effective with re-offending rates falling by an equivalent of 10 per cent since 2000.

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BBC Documentary showcases Probation staff’s skills


Tonight’s documentary, Out of Jail and on the Streets (BBC 1, 10.35pm), demonstrates the excellent skills of Probation staff in protecting the public and rehabilitating offenders.The Probation Chiefs Association is concerned that the Government’s reforms set out in ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ will undermine some of the best practice highlighted in this film. Continue reading here…

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Community Payback 40th Anniversary Stories from Probation Trusts


All this week the Probation Chiefs Association and Probation Trusts have been celebrating 40 years of Community Payback.

Over the past four decades the name may have changed – Community Service, Community Punishment – but it’s principles of reparation, rehabilitation and punishment have remained.

The following link is a selection of tweets from across Probation Trusts to mark this birthday. It includes pictures, success stories, news and facts.

The collection shows how Community Payback remains a powerful and effective sentencing tool.

Community Payback collection of tweets

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PCA celebrates 40th anniversary of Community Payback


The PCA is delighted to celebrate the 40th birthday of Community Payback, which has recently been marked.  Over the past four decades the name may have changed – Community Service, Community Punishment – but it’s principles of reparation, rehabilitation and punishment have remained. Continue reading here…

House of Lords debate on more ‘punitive’ community sentencing


The House of Lords yesterday (13th November) debated an amendment to the Crime & Courts Bill, which would make it mandatory for courts when issuing a community order to include at least one requirement imposed for the ‘purpose of punishment’ or a fine for the offence. The PCA recognises the importance of punishment in the sentencing framework, but has concerns that over-emphasising the punitive component of a community order could draw resources and focus away from necessary rehabilitative requirements. Continue reading here…

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