The aims and objectives of the work are to develop an understanding of:

  • The forward projection of the resources going into Probation nationally and how the impact of this is felt by individual Trusts;
  • The total staffing resources available to Trusts and the effect of supply and demand on specific grades and roles;
  • The balance between business, operational and support functions and to be able to explain this simply via financial systems;
  • The financial consequences of current and proposed arrangements for property and premises and any changes in the asset base of Trusts; and
  • 2012/13 budget settlement across the 35 Trusts in a database that extends back to 2009/10 and forecasts for the following three years (April 2012);
  • 2012/13 staffing numbers budgeted across the 35 TrustsĀ  as compared to 2009/10 and forecast for the following three years (April 2012);
  • Impact on staffing / grades of increased flexibilities within national standards (Throughout 2012/13); and
  • Information readily available to PCA for briefings etc (Throughout 2012/13)
  • Ensuring that responses to national consultations are, where relevant, underpinned by sound financial information that support the PCA case.

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