Joint PCA and HM Prison Service Statement

The PCA and HM Prison Service have agreed the following statement:

“The Probation Service and HM Prison Service aspire to deliver high quality services to offenders who are placed in their charge by the courts. A common history of working together with marginalised groups, protecting the public from harm, changing lives and rehabilitating offenders is characteristic of both organisations.

Collaborative engagement on many areas of offender management, multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA), integrated offender management (IOM) and work with prolific and priority offenders, for example, has produced a significant contribution towards community safety and crime reduction. The depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of these organisations in working with offenders is currently unparalleled.

Building on this combined organisational knowledge and experience the Probation and Prison Service recognise the potential advantage of partnerships, where it makes sense to do so, at a national, regional and local level to find practical and effective ways to reduce crime, support community cohesion, encourage rehabilitation and deliver value for money services that benefit the public purse.

The Probation Chiefs Association and HM Prison Service share a commitment to serving the public that reflects the value base of our organisations and believe that effective models of service delivery can be best achieved through collaborative work. Enhancing existing partnership arrangements and creating new working relationships with innovative and invigorated thinking are exciting future prospects.”