Probation continues to make a substantial contribution to reducing re-offending in local communities.

Probation Trusts have a role as a ‘Responsible Authority’ on local Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs). They work together with the Local Authority, police, fire and rescue, and health trusts to formulate and implement local strategies to reduce re-offending by adult and young offenders.

Probation makes a unique contribution and has an excellent track record of delivering effective supervision and the human and practical resources required to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders within their families and communities as law abiding citizens.

Reducing re-offending is integral to Probation’s purpose, one that that is reflected in its performance: recent¬† MoJ statistics show that two thirds of those under supervision serving community sentences were not reconvicted within one year.¬† Preventing further offences reduces the number of victims and the damage done to local families and communities, and alleviates the cost and pressure on justice and support services.