Seminar on Pre-sentence reports and Assessment, Oslo

The European Probation Organisation (CEP), in collaboration with the Norwegian Correctional Services, wants to look at the issues raised in the area of pre-sentence reports.  A key question relates to the a shift in emphasis from individualised and source-based reports on the backgrounds of offenders and their offences, to the risk of re-offending and the use of standardised risk instruments. In other words, a shift from advice to sentencers on past, individualised and personally detailed factors, to future standardised, predictive factors based on generalised research evidence.

How do probation organisations and individual probation workers cope with this shift? Have they adjusted? What kind of solutions have been found in the different jurisdictions? Does it work? How do courts and prosecutors respond? Is it the right way to go? The CEP is organising a two-day seminar in Oslo, Norway. To learn more about this seminar go here

The CEP has disemminated the news of the Probation Services BQF award.
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Council of Europe Annual Statistics – Persons serving non-custodial sanctions and measures in 2010.