Intensive Sentences

This area covers the learning from a range of projects focussing on sentences and their implementation covering  Intensive Alternatives to Custody (IAC) or Intensive Community Orders (ICO).

Our aims are

  • To capture the learning from the original Intensive Alternative to Custody (IAC) pilot sites.
  • To share best practice in order to assist further development in the current IAC sites.
  • To offer all Trusts valuable learning and support should any wish to develop an IAC project in their area.
  • To develop a shared understanding of the key components of IAC, the key lessons learned from implementing the projects and subsequent mainstreaming of IAC delivery.

We are working with the Centre for Justice Innovation over the next 12 months to promote resources which will assist Trusts to develop other IAC projects or sustain existing projects.  The resources will include. case studies, models of delivery, lessons learned from implementation of a project and mainstreaming activity or assistance  in identifying appropriate cohort of offenders in their Trust area who would benefit from IAC provision.


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