Effective Practice

PCA Members’ Resource for Promoting Evidence Based Policy & Practice

When the PCA was formed in 2008, it quickly became apparent that whilst only the larger Trusts were able to retain and maintain in-house research capacity, all Chief Executives as PCA members and Portfolio Leads needed accessible and up-to-date research and analysis to support their work on behalf of the Association.

We therefore decided to commission preliminary work that would be of immediate benefit to the membership. Our aim was to bring together a combination of basic evidence, supporting analysis and signposting to the wider evidence base so that our policy development and response to the media was well informed and evidence led. We also wanted to identify those sources of information and research that provided the public and the media with their view of the efficacy of the Criminal Justice System in general and the work of Probation in particular.

Kate Stephens and Rochelle Harris have provided us with an excellent document and supporting evidence:  2010.11_PCA_Evidence Based Policy & Research_Members Resource