The aim of this Portfolio Group is to engage at national level with various agencies, including the Local Government Association (LGA), on matters relating to offender accommodation, aiming o encourage Criminal justice agencies, local authorities and other housing providers to work effectively together to help (ex) offenders access and sustain accommodation.

Stable and suitable accommodation is essential to offenders to reduce their risk of reoffending, increase their equality of treatment within the criminal justice system, and enable inclusive and stable lifestyles within communities.  The Localism Act (2011) will allow local authorities to discharge their homelessness duty fully by offering a private rented sector tenancy of as little as 12 months, potentially a room in a shared property, which the tenant will not have the right to refuse. It will be important to monitor the possible impact of these changes at local level, and work with local authorities, as it may result in more people being unable to sustain their tenancy and becoming homeless, with the associated links to reoffending. The proposal to extend the shared accommodation rate (SAR) or single room rents of local housing allowance (LHA) to anyone under 35 may reduce access options, increase the potential for (ex)offenders living in a property with others who are currently offending, or where criminal activity is taking place

The aim is for PCA to publish a Statement on Housing in 2012/13 to help guide Trusts’ work with their local authority and other partners.
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