Community safety partnerships

The Probation Chiefs Association (PCA) is committed to supporting Probation Trusts as responsible authorities in community safety partnerships accountable to local communities for the prevention of crime.

Probation Trusts are encouraged to develop and maintain effective partnership relationships with both existing crime prevention organisations and partnerships, and with those emerging; principally Police and Crime Commissioners and Police and Crime Panels.  Key existing partner relationships include Local Criminal Justice Boards, Community Safety Partnerships at first and second tier local authority level, as well as governance boards for strategic initiatives such as Integrated Offender Management and Community Budgets for Families with Complex Needs.  At different local authority and other agency levels wider partnerships are relevant to developing pathways out of offending as in the table below. Read the full  PCA Community Safety Partnership Position Statement Sept 2011

Accommodation: Commissioning bodies for Supporting People and successor services
Education Training and Employment: Regional DWP work programme commissioning bodies and provider partnerships
Health (Mental and Physical):  Health and Wellbeing Boards
Drugs and Alcohol: Drug Intervention Programme commissioners and providers
Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviour: Voluntary and community networks
Children and Families of offenders: Early Intervention Programme commissioners and providers
Finance, Benefits and Debts: Voluntary and community networks, regional Job Centre networks

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