PCA is working to promote the critical role of Probation Trusts,  to empower effective decision making at the local level, which is supported by clear lines of influence to national strategic policy development

Read the latest Localism PCA Position statements August 2012

On the 18th October 2012 the PCA held a roundtable seminar on Health & Wellbeing Boards and offender health needs. Read the summary report here:
Report on PCA seminar on HWBBs.

Read the PCA’s response to the Public Consultation on ‘Our NHS care objectives’  and on ‘Developing our NHS care objectives’.PCA response to NHS mandate consultations Sept 2012

Localism and the promotion of ‘Big Society’ are at the core of the Coalition Government Vision. Probation Trusts work at the heart of local communities. Their business is to deal with some of the most damaged individuals from local communities with the purpose of reducing reoffending and protecting the community from harm.

The delivery of effective strategies to reduce reoffending and protect the public is only achievable through strong cooperation and shared strategic planning by local agencies, which are interdependent on each other to achieve positive outcomes.

Local communities are increasingly being encouraged and empowered to take greater responsibility to make them safer and to engage with local services, such as Probation Trusts, in achieving this.

Decisions should be taken at the local level wherever possible, taking account of different local government arrangements across England and Wales.The Localism portfolio leads, In support of these aims PCA, are taking the following actions


Strategic Aim


Positioning to achieve best strategic influence
  •  Continue to ensure PCA representation on key influential national groups.
  •   Produce briefing papers for use with key audiences & increase understanding.
  •   Develop a clearer strategy in respect Police & Crime Commissioners to support Trusts develop positive  and influential relationships
Working to make sure Probation Trusts are strategically well placed to contribute to cross government development of Big Society
  • Establish the key issues and concerns of local Trusts, that can be  supported by influence nationally
  •  Develop a good communication system with local Trusts so they can be quickly alerted to new initiatives or joint funding opportunities
Establishing good strategic links nationally to promote probation influence
  •  Establish the key decision makers nationally and develop effective communication with them, in particular with  MoJ, DCLG, Home Office, Dept of Health, Cabinet Office and Dept of Work & Pensions
Developing strong partnerships with key agencies
  •  Identify the key agencies to engage with in order to maximise influence, in particular with national Third  Sector organisations, e.g. Catch 22, Clinks, NAVCA.
Developing a strong partnership with local Probation Trusts
  • Establish a two-way communication network with local Trusts that provides and receives relevant information
  •  Develop a protocol with local Trusts on when/how and what public comments or statements will be made by the PCA in respect of specific issues relevant to the portfolio, when these are subject to national debate.