Restorative Justice

The PCA welcomes the support given by Government to Restorative Justice.  Work by PCA in this area seeks:

  • to provide a probation forum for the expanded development and application of Restorative Justice conferencing and interventions with adult offenders and their victims to achieve reduced re-offending and fewer victims
  • promote the development of quality Restorative Justice as part of the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda
  • review ideas and evidence and promote the relative benefits of Restorative Justice interventions for both victims and offenders at various stages through the criminal justice process
  • support trusts in their engagement with the NOMS training and capacity building programme for Restorative Justice, in line with the NOMS commissioning intentions
  • consider ways in which a restorative approach might be developed in connection with Community Justice Panels and other community engagement initiatives
  • establish regular liaison with the Restorative Justice Council and other organisations with an interest in this area

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