Newsletter Christmas 2013

Dear PCA member

This pre-Christmas edition includes, in particular, news about the decision to establish an independent Probation Institute in which PCA is a lead organisation.  The next phase is one of consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders, individuals as well as organisations. There is more detail below, but you can also feedback and  keep an eye on developments at

I would also like to remind members that it is not too late to register for the PCA Conference in January. An update and contact details are at item 5.

Finally, we congratulate Sue Hall, re-elected as Chair of PCA at the 29 November Council. Sue is an excellent ambassador for probation, ensuring that the senior leadership teams of probation services continue to be represented and have their voices heard.

If you would like us to mention your news in the newsletter please get in touch with Catherine Sinclair-Jones (pcaadmin@localhost).

We value your feedback.  Send your comments to feedback@localhost

Savas Hadjipavlou

PCA Chief Executive