Sentencing Council publish new sentencing guideline on Sexual Offences


On 12 December, the Sentencing Council published their new Sexual Offences sentencing guideline, which will come into force in all courts in England & Wales in on 1 April 2014.  The guideline covers 55 offences from rape to voyeurism and will bring about real and significant changes to the way sexual offences are sentenced in courts.  Continue reading …

Joint PCA, PA, Napo and UNISON statement on the establishment of a Probation Institute


The Probation Chiefs Association (PCA), Probation Association (PA), Napo and UNISON have formed a partnership to establish a new Probation Institute.

The Institute will provide professional leadership and a framework for unifying the probation workforce as a whole. A key aim is to raise the status of probation and the Institute will contribute to the setting of practice standards and support the professional development of its members, including through a voluntary professional register. It will be an independent, not-for profit organisation, with wide membership open to all staff who work in probation, commissioners, employers and partner organisations of probation.

We expect the Institute to become a centre of excellence for the probation and wider rehabilitation sector and it will support the development of evidence based practice.

The MoJ will be contributing £90k to the start up costs, along with £60k from the PCA and PA. Future funding will come from membership subscriptions.

The development of the Institute will take place in stages over the next two years. We expect it to help bridge the transition from public ownership to a wider range of provision and so will open its doors from March 2014.

More detail is available on the website  A summary of the core features is here.  The website also includes a Prospectus setting out the thinking and approach behind this important initiative and inviting comment from stakeholders. The MoJ Press release is here

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