Newsletter 4 November 2013

Dear PCA member

This edition provides a round-up of various items linked to the MoJ Transforming Rehabilitation (TR)  Programme. The House of Commons Debate on the Government’s TR plans on 30 October, the Second Reading of the Offender Rehabilitation Bill is now scheduled to start on 11 November, and Napo’s announced strike on 5/6 November, have given rise to significant media interest. Find out PCA’s reaction below.

We are also opening registration for PCA Members to the PCA Conference to be held on 23/24 January in Manchester. The Draft Programme  is here. This is at an early stage of development so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

We have already written to Chief Executives of trusts, suggesting that this year it would be helpful if registrations could be coordinated through their offices. So if you would like to register, please confirm with your trust CEO’s office in the first instance . In any case also let Catherine Sinclair-Jones (pcaadmin@localhost) here at PCA know. Please note that we need you to register, if at all possible, by 16 December. This will help us with our planning and places may be limited after that date!

We value your feedback.  Send your comments to feedback@localhost

Savas Hadjipavlou

PCA Chief Executive


1. PCA Chair Sue Hall raises concerns over safe implementation of TR programme

2. MPs argue for greater commissioning powers for Probation Trusts

3.Recognition for Probation Trusts’ work with women offenders

4. PCA celebrates 100th birthday of Georgina Stafford

5. Police & Crime Commissioners & Transforming Rehabilitation

6. PCA to host joint workshop with NOMS on Restorative Justice

7. Read the latest edition of the CEP newsletter

8. Applications now open for 201 Griffins Fellowship Programme

9.  Latest AYM newsletter available here

10. System Leadership Project reports published

11. Invitation to PCA research & probation workshop in Darlington

PCA Chair Sue Hall raises concerns over safe implementation of TR programme

On Monday 4 November PCA Chair Sue Hall was interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on BBC 5live as part of a debate on the future of the probation service.  The programme centred on the impacts of the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation plans ahead of strike action on the 5-6 November over the terms being imposed on probation staff, which 84.4% of NAPO’s members have supported.

Sue challenged Government Ministers’ continued use of ‘stubbornly high re-offending rates’ to justify changes to the probation service when reoffending has fallen significantly under the caseload currently managed by the probation service; over the last 10 years, reoffending rates have fallen by 10 per cent for the cohort of offenders supported by the probation service.

Expanding on this, Sue expressed reservations about the decision to dismantle a highly performing public service organisation that is “respected around the world” to implement the Government’s proposals, contending that “there are other solutions that are both simpler and less risky.”

Probation Trusts already accomplish significant reductions in reoffending with their caseload through partnership with the voluntary sector, with Trusts “working very intensively with offenders imbedded in local communities, working alongside local authorities to build up support mechanisms and ways of approaching offenders through local needs … in a partnership fashion.”

The PCA have long argued that Probation Trusts should be devolved greater responsibilities, and that Trusts would welcome the challenge of extending supervision to those on short-term custodial sentences, who, as a group, are shown to have the highest re offending rates and are in most need of additional supervision and rehabilitative support in the community.

Sue questioned the evidence behind the Government’s proposals, contending that the PbR scheme being piloted in Peterborough was too early in its development to use as an evidence base for the Minister’s reforms.  PCA’s continued concerns with the risks posed to the public through the pace and scale of the reforms were also highlighted.

The full programme, which also features Ian Lawrence (NAPO General Secretary) and Rob Own (St Giles Trust) is now available online (6.30)

Sue also gave a short interview to Sky News on Sunday 3 November where she raised PCA concerns that the proposed Transforming Rehabilitation operating model has “not been tried and tested, and … is not based on evidence but is based on political expedience. We’re worried that the public will be put at risk.”

Sue also noted that these concerns are not limited to probation chairs, as 13 Police & Crime Commissioners have also written to the Secretary of State, and the Opposition Day debate on Wednesday 30 October allowed several MPs to voice serious reservations over the Government’s proposals.

The transcript for the interview can be read here

Concerns over the potential disruption to local level partnership work and risks to public safety through the pace and scale of the TR reforms are not confined to Opposition, as demonstrated by these Written Questions recently posed by Conservative MPs Anne Main (question 222) and Richard Harrington (question 199) as well as LibDem MP Julian Huppert (question 207).

The Second Reading of the Offender Rehabilitation Bill has been scheduled for Monday 11 November.

MPs argue for greater commissioning powers for Probation Trusts

MPs raised significant concerns over the safety and rationale behind the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme during the Opposition debate in Parliament on Wednesday 30 OctoberA detailed parliamentary briefing prepared by the PCA was circulated to MPs and stakeholders ahead of the House of Commons debate.

Many MPs called for the Government to rethink their reform plans, and alternatively give existing Probation Trusts oversight of those offenders sentenced to short-term custodial sentences, who currently receive no statutory probation supervision upon release.

The PCA have long argued that Probation Trusts should be devolved greater responsibilities, and that Trusts would welcome the challenge of extending supervision to those on short-term custodial sentences, who, as a group, are shown to have the highest re offending rates and are in most need of additional supervision and rehabilitative support in the community.

The PCA are disappointed that the Transforming Rehabilitation consultation excluded the option of extending the responsibility of existing Probation Trusts, who are all regarded as high performing by the Government’s own performance rating system. Indeed the Government’s amended motion following yesterday’s debate acknowledged “this House applauds the work already carried out by probation trusts and other agencies to turn offenders away from crime”

In summary key concerns raised during the parliamentary debate included:

-Increased risks to public safety through fragmenting offender management, ongoing risk assessment, service delivery, and enforcement functions across the new National Probation Service (NPS) and contracted providers.

-The scale and pace of implementing the TR programme.

-The TR reforms would disrupt the wide range of local partnership work targeted at reducing reoffending, in which Probation Trusts currently play an established role.

Sustaining professional skills, staff and expertise post transition, and ensuring the quality of future probation services.

-The proposed Payment by Results mechanism attached to the new Transforming Rehabilitation contracts could to lead to perverse incentives, such as “parking and creaming”, if not designed and tested carefully

Full Hansard of the House of Commons opposition debate can be found here

The House of Commons debate comes in the immediate context of a joint letter published by Police & Crime Commissioners outlining their strong concerns over the Transforming Rehabilitation programme. 

In a separate article on the front page of  the Guardian newspaper (29 October 2013) it was reported that Chairs of Probation Trusts have written to the Secretary of State over the public safety risks presented by the scale and pace of transition.

Recognition for Probation Trusts’ work with women offenders

On 25 October the Government published a document taking ‘stock of women’s services for offenders in the community,’ which coincided with announcements of a ‘new approach to female offenders.’

The report assesses the impact of the £3.87m granted to Probation Trusts in April 2013 specifically to enable them to enhance the provision of services commissioned or delivered to promote the rehabilitation of female offenders.  In its summary finding the Government concludes:

· Probation Trusts have demonstrated a firm commitment to developing and improving services for female offenders in the community and to their responsibilities to female offenders arising from the equalities legislation

· All Probation Trusts have identifiable resources for specific services for female offenders in the community, leading to greater equality of access to specialised services for female offenders nationally

· Through the Trust contract and partnership arrangements, £5.8 million is being spent in total on specific services for female offenders – well above the £3.8 million additional allocation and the early estimate of the £4.3 million

· There is a diverse delivery landscape, which reflects local need

· Many Probation Trusts have worked collaboratively with partners to build on and expand existing services for female offenders in the community, sharing resources and premises, potentially leading to a wider range of efficient and sustainable services.

· Probation Trusts have innovated and new services will be delivered.  Examples include a new residential service in West Mercia and provision for women serving less than 12 months in custody.  There are many more examples.

· There has been an expansion in mentoring services for female offenders consistent with the MoJ’s key priority to provide better life-management for female offenders.

· Probation Trusts have taken into account the findings of the Corston Report and other relevant reports to develop new services.  There was a strong commitment to service improvement and to sharing best practice.

The Government’s document demonstrates that Probation Trusts are committed and are taking a lead at a local level to improve rehabilitative services for female offenders and are making significant improvements.

The PCA continue to have significant concerns that the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda will disrupt local level partnership work and the demonstrable progress that Probation Trusts are making in working with female offenders.

PCA celebrates 100th birthday of Georgina Stafford

On 24 October Georgina Stafford, the last Police & Court Missionary to be appointed in London, turned 100.  We are delighted to see Georgina reach such a milestone, which was celebrated by London Probation Trust late in October who interviewed Georgina on her 41 years’ experience in probation.

This article on Georgina’s experience provides a fascinating insight into the changing landscape of probation from a probation professional who witnessed the transformation first hand. As Georgina herself reflects:

“ I hope the current probation staff enjoy the work they do as much as I did.  The job has changed quite a lot but not, I hope, in its most fundamental ways.”

Alongside the article, London Probation Trust have produced a short film of the interview, which we are looking forward to showing at our Annual Conference in January.

Police & Crime Commissioners & Transforming Rehabilitation

Ten regional competition lead managers for the ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ programme have been announced.  We understand that the competition leads will meet with a  wide range of local stakeholders, and in particular plan to contact Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs).

The contact details of the regional competition lead managers can be found here.

The Home Office and Ministry of Justice have also established a PCC reference group on Transforming Rehabilitation.  They held their first meeting on 11 September, and we understand that future meetings are scheduled for the end of October and November.

The PCA’s PCC portfolio group is focusing on the importance of PCCs as key stakeholders to the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda, and are liaising closely with partner organisations such as the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners.  The group are preparing a workshop for the PCA Annual Conference on 23-24 January in Manchester, which will focus on the implications and future role of PCCs, community safety partnerships and integrated offender management in the new Transforming Rehabilitation world.  The PCC portfolio group is chaired by John Bensted, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Probation Trust.  If you would like to know more about the work of the portfolio group please contact Ben Ritchie, PCA Policy & Seminar Officer: ben.ritchie@localhost

PCA to host joint workshop with NOMS on Restorative Justice

Stephen Czajewski, PCA portfolio lead for Restorative Justice, is re-arranging a joint PCA/NOMS workshop, which will explore how Restorative Justice will fit into the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda.  The workshop is scheduled to take place after the blueprint for the Rehabilitation Programme is distributed and has been established with this in mind.  Representatives from NOMS and the TR team

All representative of the Restorative Justice portfolio group, as well as all Restorative Justice leads in individual Trusts, are welcome to attend.

The workshop will take place on Monday 18 November from 2pm-4.30pm at London Probation HQ, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 9SZ. 

If you would like to attend this event, please contact Kathy Netting:

The deadline for applications is Friday 8 November. 

Read the latest edition of the CEP newsletter

The latest edition of the CEP newsletter has been published and can be read here.

This issue contains all the latest news on probation reforms in Romania, probation events in Lithuania, Budapest and Moldova, as well as the latest news on the APPA’s hosting of the next World Congress in the USA in 2015.

Heather Munro, Chief Executive of London Probation Trust, is also featured in an article on the acclaimed London Study Day for international delegates prior to the World Congress 9-10 October, which was held at London Probation HQ.

Applications now open for Griffins Fellowship Programme

Would you like to contribute to practice and policy debates about women offenders by undertaking your own pioneering research?

The Griffins Society researches and promotes effective practice in working with women who are in prison or subject to criminal justice interventions in the community.  Our Visiting Research Fellowship Programme offers a unique opportunity for practitioners (from the public and voluntary sectors) to explore the treatment of women and girls in the criminal justice system.  Candidates must have inquiring minds, but previous research is not necessary as the Programme supervisors provide comprehensive academic supervision and support.

There are a number of changes to the Fellowship for 2014:

  • This year’s Fellowship is being offered in conjunction with the LankellyChase Foundation, who exist to bring about change to transform the quality of life if people who face severe and multiple disadvantage.
  • In a change to recent practice, for this fellowship we are asking for proposals relating specifically to: Women or girls with multiple needs who are at risk of offending.
  • The Fellowship will begin in January 2014 with the support of our new academic partner: the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge.

For more information and to express an interest, please email .

The deadline for applications is midday, Monday 16 December 2013. 

Latest AYM newsletter available here

The November edition of the Association of YOT Managers (AYM) newsletter is now available and can be read here.

This edition includes information about the joint YOT inspection at Rochdale, an interview with Jack Straw MP and details of partnership working with Suffolk University.

Systems Leadership Project reports published

The Virtual Staff College commissioned a series of reports analysing system leadership across public service systems, which examine the merits of working collaboratively across public services to achieve shared outcomes.

The reports feature interviews from a range of senior leaders in various public sector services.

Invitation to PCA research & probation workshop in Darlington

PCA are now inviting nominations for delegates to attend a PCA workshop on the future of probation research and practice on 10 December in Darlington at Durham Tees Valley Probation Trust.

The workshop would be particularly suitable for Trust staff involved in the commissioning and undertaking of research projects, and implementing research findings to improve probation practice, Trusts would also be welcome to invite research bodies and regional partners who may have an interest in this topic.

The workshop will be a timely opportunity to share experiences and developments in probation research and practice, and consider how the use of evidence and relationships between research, commissioning and professional practice could be strengthened in the future.  Keynote speakers include Prof. Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow.  There will also be contributions from probation practitioners from difference Trusts across the country.

In particular, the workshop will consider:

·  Developing techniques/methods for measuring outcomes and effectiveness of probation, especially against the likely future priorities of Transforming Rehabilitation

· How the developing desistance literature and focus on learning from probation service users could be used to improve probation practice

· The relationships between probation commissioners, providers and academic/research institutions, including the potential for developing a Probation Institute

A draft programme for the workshop is attached.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday 10 December at Darlington Office of Durham & Tees Valley Probation Trust, 9 Corporation Road, Darlington DL3 6TH (20 minute walk from Darlington rail station, or an 8 minute walk from North Darlington rail station).

Refreshments will be on arrival from 10.35am, and the workshop will begin from 11.15-15.30.  A sandwich lunch will be provided.

The workshop is free to attend, although unfortunately we are unable to finance individual travel expenses.  Please get in touch with Ben Ritchie at ben.ritchie@localhost or 03000 480 058 to put forward delegates or if you have any further questions concerning the event.

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