Newsletter 22 November 2013

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In this edition you will find reports on, among other things, PCA’s evidence to the Justice select Committee and participation in  a panel discussion on Newsnight on 21 November .   I should like to take this opportunity  to remind members about registration to our January PCA Conference. An update on our plans for this important event is given below.

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Savas Hadjipavlou

PCA Chief Executive

BBC Newsnight raises concerns over Government’s reforms to probation


BBC Newsnight yesterday (21 November 2013) featured in a debate on the Government’s reforms to probation, which featured PCA Chair, Sue Hall. The debate came in the context of a Newsnight investigation into Serco’s performance in delivering the Community Payback contract in London.

View the BBC Newsnight programme again on the following link, (13 minutes in)

The PCA gave evidence to the Justice Select Committee on our views on Transforming Rehabilitation last week, and the uncorrected transcript of oral evidence can be viewed here:

The Offender Rehabilitation Bill has now reached the Committee stage of the House of Commons where amendments to the bill will be considered. The Public Bill Committee will sit on the 26th, 28th November and the 3rd December.

The latest notices of amendments tabled for consideration (21 November) can be viewed here:
For a list of those MPs sitting on the committee please see here:

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PCA Workshop: Integrated Offender Management Research and Practice

Probation Trusts are prime partners in the wide variety of IOM schemes which have been established across the country, working closely with police and other public, voluntary and private sector partners to protect the public and reduce reoffending.  Early research evaluating the effectiveness of different IOM schemes is now emerging, and promising practices which could be scaled up are being identified.

Newsletter 4 November 2013

Dear PCA member

This edition provides a round-up of various items linked to the MoJ Transforming Rehabilitation (TR)  Programme. The House of Commons Debate on the Government’s TR plans on 30 October, the Second Reading of the Offender Rehabilitation Bill is now scheduled to start on 11 November, and Napo’s announced strike on 5/6 November, have given rise to significant media interest. Find out PCA’s reaction below.

We are also opening registration for PCA Members to the PCA Conference to be held on 23/24 January in Manchester. The Draft Programme  is here. This is at an early stage of development so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

We have already written to Chief Executives of trusts, suggesting that this year it would be helpful if registrations could be coordinated through their offices. So if you would like to register, please confirm with your trust CEO’s office in the first instance . In any case also let Catherine Sinclair-Jones (pcaadmin@localhost) here at PCA know. Please note that we need you to register, if at all possible, by 16 December. This will help us with our planning and places may be limited after that date!

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Savas Hadjipavlou

PCA Chief Executive

PCA Workshop: Probation Research and Practice

We would like to invite you to attend a PCA workshop on the future of probation research and practice on the 10 December in Darlington at Durham & Tees Valley Probation Trust.
The workshop would be particularly suitable for those involved in the commissioning and undertaking research projects, and implementing research findings to improve probation practice.

BBC Question Time debates the future of probation


The future of probation services and the Transforming Rehabilitation programme were for the first time debated on BBC Question Time last night (31 October 2013), as concerns over the reforms continue to move up the political agenda.

The Question Time debate on probation can be viewed at approx. ’40 mins’ into the following link:

Paris Lees, an influential journalist, discussed the positive influence which probation services had on changing her life around after a previous criminal conviction.

The focus of extending probation and ‘through the gate’ services to those serving less than 12 months custodial sentences, who as a group have the highest reoffending rates and currently receive no statutory probation supervision, was welcomed.

However, the audience from St Austell, Cornwall, questioned the Government’s approach of dismantling high performing Probation Trusts to achieve this goal, and raised concerns over the implications of privatisation for future service quality and public safety.

The PCA have long argued that Probation Trusts should be devolved greater responsibilities. As an alternative to privatisation, Probation Trusts would welcome the challenge of extending supervision to those on short-term custodial sentences, working with local voluntary and private sector partners to achieve effective ‘through the gate’ services.

This alternative approach would avoid the public safety risks and transitionary upheaval presented by the Transforming Rehabilitation reform plans, whilst achieving the Government’s primary goal of extending rehabilitative support for the under 12 months group.

The Question Time debate followed an opposition debate in Parliament (30 October) where many MPs argued that Probation Trusts should be given responsibility for the ‘rehabilitation revolution’.

A detailed briefing has been prepared by the PCA giving an update on the Transforming Rehabilitation reforms:

Earlier this week a joint letter was published by Police & Crime Commissioners outlining their strong concerns over the Transforming Rehabilitation programme. In a separate article on the front page of the Guardian newspaper (29 October 2013) it was reported that Chairs of Probation Trusts have written to the Secretary of State over the public safety risks presented by the scale and pace of transition.

View the PCC letter here..
View the Guardian article here..

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