Newsletter 11 April 2013

Dear PCA member

Following the Easter break we have a packed edition of the PCA Newsletter.

The Transforming Justice Proposals continue to pre-occupy Trusts and of course PCA.  We continue to present our views to a wide range of stakeholders, including later in April with the Secretary of State, Chris Grayling, and at the All-Party Parliamentary Penal Affairs Group. We understand that the Government’s response to the Consultation is planned to be published mid-May.

We value your feedback.  Send your comments to feedback@localhost

Savas Hadjipavlou
PCA Business Director


  1. PA/PCA Article in Magistrate
  2. Learning Sets for Senior Managers
  3. PCA responds to new sentencing guidelines on sexual offences
  4. New Performance Portfolio Lead
  5. Youth to adult transitions
  6. Cross Sector Leadership Exchange News
  7. Serco CP Control Centre
  8. Offender Supervision in Europe- International Conference

PA/PCA Article in Magistrate

The PA and PCA have produced a joint article for the Magistrates Associations magazine ‘Magistrate’ outlining the serious concerns held by both organisations about some of the  reforms proposed in the Transforming Rehabilitation Consultation. The article outlines the possibility of increased risks to public protection of the proposals to split Offender Management and the adverse impact on local partnerships. Read the article here.

Learning Sets for Senior Managers

Trusts in the South West, South East and London have been working together to run Action Learning Sets for Directors since May 2012 and the first cohort of these sets has now successfully concluded. This programme of action learning is being extended to a wider group and this is planned to start in June. The details of the programme are set out here. Nominations should be sent directly to Elspeth Hayde, HR Director Surrey/Sussex Probation Trust by 20 April. (If any of your staff have already been in touch with her, you do not need to contact her again.)

Barrie Crooke, CEO of Hampshire Probation Trust, also has details of a cross sector action learning programme for senior leaders which is due to begin in July.  This is organised by the Cross Sector Leadership Exchange (a group of public sector bodies including the Police and NHS Blood and Transplant authority). The programme is 6 separate days over a period of 9 months. At this time Barrie does not have any details of price or the venues. If anyone would like to find out more about this programme please contact him directly at

PCA responds to new sentencing guidelines on sexual offences

The PCA have responded to the Sentencing Council’s consultation on draft new guidelines on sexual offences. The Sentencing Council’s decision to revise the sentencing guidelines relating to the Sexual Offences Act 2003 reflects the changing nature of sexual offending, and their assessment of how such offences are currently being dealt with by the courts. In the consultation’s preface, the Sentencing Council have highlighted their particular considerations over incorporating the perspective of victims, the balancing of public protection into both custodial and community orders, and the rise of sexual offences committed via the internet and new technologies. Read the PCA’s response at here

New Performance Portfolio Lead

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Robinson, CE Lancashire, will be the new PCA Performance lead.

Youth to adult transitions

The YJB are trying to improve the way young people are transferred from youth to adult justice services. Several inquiries, reviews and investigations, including the recent HMIP thematic inspection on transitions, have criticised the way that such transfers take place in custody and in the community. Serious incidents have occurred that have compromised public protection and the safeguarding of young people.

The YJB, in conjunction with NOMS, have recently launched the Youth to Adult Transitions Framework. The Framework is advice for YOT and Probation Trust managers writing local transition protocols that detail how transitions at, or around the age of, 18 will be managed in their local community. Download a copy of the Framework here.

Many YOTs are currently writing or revising local transition protocols in light of the new Framework. The YJB ask that YOTs and Probation Trusts should work together to develop and jointly own their local transition protocol. If you are not currently engaged in this work then please contact your local YOT to develop your local transition protocol.

YJB would also like to encourage you to subscribe to the new transitions web pages on the Justice website. The web pages provide information on all the work areas to improve transitions from youth to adult justice services, including: the Y2A information sharing portal, Youth to Adult Transitions Forum, NOMS Transitions Custody Protocol, and also some good practice resources. To subscribe, please go here and enter your email address in the box in the top right-hand corner.

For more information on any of the work to improve transitions, please contact Dominic Stevens, YJB lead on transitions:

Cross Sector Leadership Exchange News

The Cross Sector Leadership Exchange CSLE is a consortium of senior leaders who are responsible for the development of the leaders within their organisations. Its purpose is to act as an exchange network between sectors that supports middle, senior and top leadership development. The CSLE have some opportunities may be  of interest to probation staff

Leading Improvement – The Leading Improvement programme is for senior managers who have responsibility for delivering improvements through Lean, Six Sigma or similar programmes. Find out more about this  here a programme  outline can be found here

Leading into Action: CSLE are starting some new Action Learning Sets, including some

specifically aimed at leaders involved in LEAN management and Continuous improvement.. To find out more here or a programme outline can be seen here.

Leading into the Future: Through a series of focused syndicate discussions, first-hand examples of leadership from challenging speakers, and personal insights, the group will explore what society, and organisations, demand from leaders in relation to the theme of ‘age’, and how that might change over coming years. A programme outline for this can be found here and an application form for this programme can be found here

Serco CP Control Centre

The Serco Community Payback control centre in London became fully operational at 6pm on 24 March The contact details are 0207 593 3120 and the address is;

Serco Control Centre
Room 703
Capital Tower
91 Waterloo Road

Offender Supervision in Europe – International Conference

The Offender Supervision in Europe Conference, 26 and 27 April at Liverpool Hope University, will involve presentations from the first year of work by a pan-European research network on ‘Offender Supervision in Europe’ which for the last 12 months has been scoping out what we know about how supervision is experienced by those subject to or affected by it, how it is practised by those responsible for delivering it, how key decisions about supervision are made (both in terms of who gets supervision and when and in terms of breach/recall), and, about the influence of European institutions and standards, and of policy transfer on practice in different places. There will also be international speakers from America.  More information can be found here.

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