Joint PCA / PA response to the Justice Secretary’s next steps for the Rehabilitation Revolution


Today, Wednesday 19 December, Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary, set out some of the Government’s thinking on the next steps in implementing its commitment the Rehabilitation Revolution. The PCA and PA welcome the fact that the Justice Secretary  wants to involve the Probation Service in thinking through these next steps. Continue reading here…

Probation Chiefs Association Refutes Daily Mail Article


The Probation Chiefs Association refutes claims in the Daily Mail that ‘50,000 spared jail offend again within a year: MPs claim shocking figures show failure by Probation Officers’.

Sarah Billiald, from the Probation Chiefs Association, said: “Re-offending by those on orders managed by Probation are at their lowest level in 12 years.

Around 100,000 offenders, two-thirds of those managed by Probation in the community, do not go on to re-offend within the year. The latest Ministry of Justice figures show re-offending by this group has continued to steadily fall since 2000. The re-offending rate for those recieving community court orders currently stands at 34.1 per cent, down 3.7 percentage points on the figure 12 years ago; which adjusted in real terms is around a 10 per cent reduction in the total re-offending rate.

The biggest failure is for those on short-term prison sentences who have no intervention with Probation at all. They have the highest re-offending rate at 57.6 per cent, which has increased by 3.3 percentage points since 2000. While sentencing is a matter for the courts, if they had sentenced the 150,000 offenders that Probation manage to a short-term prison sentence then it is likely a further 36,400 would have gone on to re-offend compared to those on Probation based on the current re-offending rate.

Probation Trusts are performing well; so far 98 MPs have recently signed an Early Day Motion to acknowledge that Probation is carrying out its work efficiently and effectively and meeting Ministry of Justice targets. This includes former Probation Minister Crispin Blunt.

In 2011 Probation was the first ever public sector organisation to win the British Quality Foundation Gold Medal for Excellence recognising the Probation Service’s continuous and sustained improvements.”

Statistics taken from MoJ’s Proven Re-offending Quarterly (Oct 2012)

PCA workshop on measuring performance in probation


The PCA held a workshop on the measurement of performance in probation on 23rd November 2012. The workshop considered the critical importance of measuring performance to demonstrate what works and value for money, at a time when the Government is driving reform to introduce more competition and payment by results in rehabilitation. Continue reading here…