Probation open to working with Police & Crime Commissioners to reduce crime in the community

Newly elected Police & Crime Commissioners will assume their appointments today (22nd November). The PCA would like to wish PCCs success, and encourages PCCs to make the reduction of re-offending in their community a top priority.  PCCs should look to work and partner with their local Probation Trust to develop strategies and commissioning priorities that would be most effective at preventing crime in the particular circumstances of their locality.

PCCs can benefit from the skills, experience and expertise within their local Probation Trust, and should utilise these in the formulation of strategic assessments and resulting Policing and Crime Plans. Trusts can assist PCCs by providing:
-Comprehensive data about the underlying causes of crime locally and what actions are necessary to reduce it
– The professional skills and experience of probation officers when working with offenders, and the wide range of offending behaviour programmes and interventions that Trusts manage.
-The experience of forming cost-efficient and effective partnerships with criminal justice stakeholders to reduce re-offending in the community.

The PCA encourages PCCs to show commitment to working with partners to deliver integrated offender management. Community Safety Partnerships are likely to be a key vehicle for PCCs to make an impact on reducing crime, and Probation Trusts should develop close relationships with PCCs through this. There is also the potential for Trusts to work closely with PCCs when influencing the work of Health & Wellbeing Boards, to prioritise the specific health and care needs of offenders in the community and break down the links between health inequalities and reoffending. Other potential opportunities for Trusts to work and partner PCCs would be with children’s partnerships and the Troubled Families initiative, where criminal offending is impacting upon the family nexus.

To find out more about the PCA’s position on PCCs please contact the PCA lead on PCCs: John Bensted, CE of Gloucestershire Probation Trust at

For media enquiries call 0203 6577844

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