Newsletter 8 November 2012

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Savas Hadjipavlou
PCA Business Director

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News Highlights

BQF Award Ceremony

We reported in the last newsletter that Merseyside Probation Trust received the British Quality Foundation’s Award for Excellence from HRH the Princess Royal, Patron of BQF at the the annual British Quality Foundation award ceremony, held on 26 October 2012. To win, Merseyside probation Trust was able to demonstrate to a team of impartial assessors that the BQF demanding criteria could be met, and met to a standard that is amongst the best in industry. Other five star probation trusts listed in this year’s awards and recognised for excellence include Nottinghamshire PT, Surrey and Sussex PT and Thames Valley PT. Many congratulations to all. To find out more visit the PCA website or here.

Warwickshire gets 4 stars

Off the back of the success of Merseyside at the BQF Awards and the other trusts who were rated excellent achievers, Warwickshire Probation Trust also had something to celebrate after receiving a 4 star grading in their BQF Assessment. PCA would also like to congratulate Warwickshire.

Sarah Payne Represents PCA at the Unison Conference

The Chief Executive of Wales Probation, Sarah Payne, representing the Probation Chiefs Association, addressed delegates at the Unison Police & Justice Conference which was held during mid-October in Cardiff. She joined the NOMS Chief Executive, Michael Spurr, who spoke about the future of probation and the rehabilitation revolution. You can read what Michael and Sarah said about the Probation review here.

PCA Executive Director positions

Applications are invited from Associate Members of PCA (ACO/Director level) for two vacancies of the position of PCA Executive Director for a period of two years commencing on or before 31 January 2013. As provided in 5.1.3 of the Articles, the PCA Executive will make the appointments from applications by Associated Members. To find out more about these roles and to apply please click here.

Application forms should reach Savas.Hadjipavlou@localhost by 12 noon on Monday 26 November 2012. The Executive will consider the applications received by that date at its meeting on 18 December 2012.

PCA Conference – bids for workshops

We have recieved a few suggestions for workshops at the 2013 PCA Annual Conference in Meriden but we would still very much like to hear from Trusts who would be interested in running workshops at the Conference. Workshops can be used to showcase innovative practice or highlight other projects designed to promote the work of probation in the local community. Please e-mail suggestions to Jenny Seaton Ulliott. We are now developing the conference programme and your ideas would be particularly welcome.

PCA IT Portfolio Lead Vacancy

The PCA is seeking a new lead for the IT portfolio. The PCA IT portfolio lead will work alongside the NOMS modernisation programme to ensure that the voice of trusts is clearly heard. The portfolio lead will have a crucial role to play in supporting trusts in driving forward new IT initiatives, such as the need to adapt systems to a market for offender services that has a variety of providers. The current membership of the ICT portfolio group has been expanded to broaden the perspective from roll out of OMIN T and migration of NDC, to focus on where the national ICT strategy might develop in the future and how we are share best practice in supporting the development of local solutions. PCA is looking for an interested colleague to lead and engage with this agenda, with the view to developing a position statement and creating work streams to look at future opportunities.

If you are interested, please could you email Jenny Seaton Ulliott by 23rd November with up to 200 words on:

  • Why you’d like to do it
  • The expertise you would bring and
  • Confirmed endorsement from your CE.
  • PCA – Media Phone Number

The PCA has a new phone number specifically for media or comms contacts. The number is 02036577844 and can be phoned at any time. We encourage members to help us make this number more widely known and to pass it on to anyone who may want to contact the PCA for communication and media purposes.

Sir Graham Smith Award

The Sir Graham Smith Award ceremony was held on 30/10/12 in the Suite named in his memory at the Home Office. John Budd, PCA Vice Chair and Dr Sue Rex, Offender Enagagement Progeramme lead introduced the two winners. Each winner gave a lecture outlining their research and results.

Victoria Jellet, Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation, outlined her research into the impact of education, training and employment mentoring, which you can read here. Sarah Lewis, Hampshire Probation, talked on ‘Who worked? A phenomenological study considering the relationship between probation staff and offenders using a collaborative approach.’ The full research report for this can be found here. The audience were very enthusiastic about the excellent presentations from Sarah and Victoria and a lively question and answer session followed. We are reviewing the Award process and working with NOMS regarding possible funding for 2013.

The PCC Summit

The first ever PCC Summit, on 4 December in Brimiingham, will provide a high profile opportunity to find out what the newly elected PCCs will do and to question them on how they plan to improve policing. It will bring together the newly elected PCCs and key national and local stakeholders, politicians and senior members of police forces. The summit will offer a mixture of keynote addresses, lively panel discussions, activity sessions, networking opportunities and the chance to visit surgeries and information stands to learn more about the role of the PCC and the most significant reforms to police governance in generations. The summit is being supported by the PCA, Police Federation of England and Wales, The Police Superintendents’ Association, PNLD, Police Professional, UNISON, ACPO. You can find out more here or email here or phone 020 7592 9490.

Health and Wellbeing Boards Roundtable

The PCA held their first roundtable event as part of the new seminar and workshop programme on 18 October. This event looked at Health and Wellbeing Boards and was well attended, and included Jeremy Wright the Minister for Prisons and Probation. The seminar discussed what steps should be taken by the criminal justice system to help secure engagement with the Boards and make sure they sufficiently link their planning to the health needs of offenders. Read an overview of the seminar here.

Early Day Motion 622

The PCA welcomes Early Day Motion 622. This draws attention to the Probation Service in England and Wales winning the British Quality Foundation Gold Medal for Excellence Award 2011. This is welcome recognition of probation’s record of sustained achievement and we hope MPs across the country feel able to add their signature to this motion. Find out more here.

Capita’s National Reforming Probation Services Conference, 30 January 2013

Capita’s National Reforming Probation Services Conference is being held on 30 January in Central London, and will look at the imminent reform and the wider strategic agenda for probation services from 2013 and beyond. PCA members are able to attend at a preferential rate. Details are here.

Staff Changes

Paul Hindson and Miriam Harnell, Finance Director, have left Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust and Bob Bearne has been appointed to the County Director role on a temporary basis.

Peter Johnston, Head of Business Development at West Yorkshire retired in September. Peter was a member of the Commissioning Portfolio and represented PCA on the Academy of Commissioning. Christine Cavanagh was appointed Director of Business Development at West Yorkshire Probation Trust in August.

Derbyshire have also seen a lot of change with the retirement of Rosemary Plang and David O’Sullivan. Sarah Winwin Sein has returned from a secondment to NOMS and Midlands Consortium. Karen MacLeod has also joined the Derbyshire team.

Julian Fox, Secretary to the Board, South Yorkshire Probation, retired at the end of September. David Cutting has taken up this Role.

Finally Sarah Ward is the new Director of Operation at Cumbria Probation and Maxine Myatt new Interim Director of Operations at Gloucester.

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