Early day motion in Parliament acknowledges excellence of Probation Trusts

The PCA welcomes Early Day Motion 622, which acknowledges that the Probation Service in England and Wales won the British Quality Foundation Gold Medal for Excellence Award 2011.

This award recognises organisations, which have demonstrated an outstanding and continued commitment to excellence over a number of years and is one of the highest accolades any organisation, whether public or private, can receive in the UK.

The Probation Service is a critical part of the criminal justice system, performing many roles from advising courts on sentences; managing the public protection arrangements around high risk offenders and helping resettle and rehabilitate offenders in the community.

It is clear over many years now probation staff have provided an excellent service and the most recent Government performance assessments show all 35 probation trusts in England and Wales have performed at a ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ level*.

The BQF award and now this Early Day Motion recognise probation’s record of sustained achievement and we hope MPs across the country feel moved to add their signature to this motion.

*National Offender Management Service – Probation Trust Annual Performance Ratings 2011/12

72 thoughts on “Early day motion in Parliament acknowledges excellence of Probation Trusts

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