Response to the Prime Minister’s Vision for the Criminal Justice System


Probation is a critical part of the Criminal Justice System and for the Prime Minister to omit it in his vision for the CJS on 22nd October is disappointing and short-sighted. Disappointing, because dedicated probation staff work tirelessly with risky, complex and chaotic individuals to punish and reform them according to the sentences of the court; and short sighted because, at a tenth of a cost of prison, community orders have reoffending rates that are significantly lower and are declining year on year.  Probation works.

Sue Hall
Chair, Probation Chiefs Association

PCA response to Criminal Justice Joint Inspection report on transitions into adulthood in the criminal justice system


The PCA has responded to the CJJI Report:  “Transitions: An inspection of the transition arrangements from youth to adult services in the CJS” (11th Oct 2012). The transition from being a young person to a mature adult is complex, with individuals having different levels of emotional intelligence, mental maturity and parental support. Continue reading here…

Probation Review

PCA / PA response to the MoJ’s review into effective probation services

The PCA and the PA have submitted a joint response to the Ministry of Justice’s consultation reviewing effective probation services in England & Wales. We believe that Probation Trusts should be at the centre of probation commissioning, and look forward to working with the MoJ to support the development of a wide range of providers in the public, independent and private sectors.

Download the Response to Effective Probations Services PDF

PCA/PA joint statement in response to NAPO press release (5th Oct 2012)


In a joint statement responding to a press release by NAPO (5th Oct 2012), the Probation Chiefs Association and the Probation Association  said they were not ideologically opposed to competition and recognised that other sectors had contributions to make, providing Probation Trusts managed the process. Continue reading here…