PCA response to Criminal Justice Joint Inspection report on transitions into adulthood in the criminal justice system

The PCA has responded to the Criminal Justice Joint Inspection Report:  “Transitions: An inspection of the transition arrangements from youth to adult services in the CJS” (11th Oct 2012)

Andrew Hillas, PCA lead on youth justice and ACO of London Probation Trust said: “The transition from being a young person to a mature adult is complex, with individuals having different levels of emotional intelligence, mental maturity and parental support.

As a result the PCA believes this defining period should be specifically acknowledged and catered for in the offender management and sentencing process.

This latest HMIP report highlights some areas of improvement to assist those young offenders moving from youth custody or supervision to an adult prison or community punishment, which we welcome.

In particular, helping young offenders better prepare for the move to an adult prison and improving information sharing between youth-based and adult-based services to ensure sentences are delivered smoothly and without interruption.

In addition, the PCA believes the transfer of young people from community-based Youth Offender Supervision to Adult Probation should be tailored to an individual’s needs and that the mentoring process and any similar interventions are consistent across the two agencies.

These improvements will help ensure effective rehabilitation continues in transition and the chance of re-offending is reduced.

Furthermore the PCA wants the process of transferring the management of young people from Youth Offending Services to Adult Probation to be consistent.

Historically the case management process across England and Wales has been variable and we believe it is important to establish a minimum set of standards.

This will ensure the service, which is provided to young people going through transition, is effective and will reduce the numbers who fails to comply with supervision requirements.”

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