PCA/PA joint statement in response to NAPO press release (5th Oct 2012)

In a joint statement responding to a press release by NAPO (5th Oct 2012), the Probation Chiefs Association and the Probation Association – collectively representing the leadership of the service – said they were not ideologically opposed to competition and recognised that other sectors had contributions to make, providing Probation Trusts managed the process.

Sue Hall, Chair of the PCA, and Sebert Cox, Chairman of the PA,  said that a step change in reducing reoffending could be achieved if the entire national budget for probation was devolved to Trusts who could then ensure that competitions were driven by best value and evidence of effectiveness.

They said: “NAPO has rightly drawn attention to the high quality of the service. Trusts know what works and have the skills and experience to oversee competitions.”

“Nothing must be allowed to compromise public safety, which is why we oppose the Government’s proposal to fragment probation’s core offender management work in order to contract out current low risk caseload”.

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