Newsletter 6th September


Chris Grayling and Jeremy Wright have been appointed as the new Justice Secretary and Minister for Prison and Probation. How the Government takes forward probation reforms will continue to be of the highest priority for PCA. Sue Hall had an introductory phone call with Jeremy Wright today and we are seeking early contacts with the new Ministers. Also In this edition I want to draw particular attention to the opportunities for joining the PCA Executive as a co-opted members. If you want to play a more active part in PCA please get in touch (see below).

We value your feedback. Views, comments etc, to feedback@localhost please.

Savas Hadjipavlou
PCA Business Director

News Highlights

PCA Annual Conference

The 2013 PCA Annual conference can now be confirmed as being at the Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel in Meriden near Coventry on 14-15 March 2013. Please make sure this is in your diaries! The PCA Business Office will provide periodic updates to let members know how to register and details of the the conference programme as that develops, including opportunities to participate in the form of workshops. If you already have ideas please let us know.


Professionalisation Agenda

The PCA is working with various stakeholders including the PA, NAPO taking forward ideas around professionalisation, including the possibility of a probation register. A joint Steering Group is planned to be held in September. This will consider, in particular, terms of reference for a scoping study to look at options for a light touch registration system.


Calling all Business Area and Portfolio Leads – lines to take

We are continuing to build good profiles and information in the portfolio areas almost all of which are showcased on our website. The members section is also developing well and we want to exploit this more fully. It is the ideal place to post ‘lines to take’ in relation to your portfolio so that PCA has high level messages at its fingertips if needed at short notice.

It would be great to have any missing or outdated portfolio statements and your current lines to take. The Exec is keen for portfolio leads to be involved as the experts in their subject as well as ensuring they incorporate a range of PCA views through contact with colleagues and reference groups. The process is very much an interactive one whereby portfolio leads have the authority to talk on behalf of the organisation but also have their Business Area lead for queries or as a port of call to check things out where needed. Please could you email your lines to take to Jenny Seaton Ulliott by 28 September If there’s any aspect of the portfolio lead role you’d like to discuss further, please contact Yvette Ball. THANK YOU!


Expressions of interest to join the work of the PCA Executive as a co-opted members

The PCA Executive has reviewed its working methods and how better to broaden the opportunities for PCA members to make a contribution. It has concluded that there would be benefit from co-opting up to three additional members drawn from the ranks of chief executives, deputy chief executives and directors/ACOs. These co-opted positions would run for an agreed fixed term, of up to two years, and could focus on particular areas of interest to PCA. This note therefore is seeking expressions of interest from interested PCA members.

Those co-opted would gain better insight into the work of the PCA, making a personal contribution and enabling them better to make an informed judgment about putting themselves forward for Director positions, as and when these become available for election in the future. The Executive would make the selection of those co-opted from those expressing an interest.

If you would like to be involved in the work of the PCA Executive in a co-opted capacity, could you please get in touch, by 30 September, with Savas Hadjipavlou by email or phone 03000 480 228 who would be happy to discuss these roles if that would be helpful.


Research Report into Justice Reinvestment Strategies in the US

The PCA recommends a report by Matthew Wakeman, Business Development Manager of Greater Manchester Probation Trust, which evaluates the justice re-investment strategies implemented in Texas and Arizona. The report assesses how a more evidence-based approach has emerged to focus the reinvestment of public resources on preventing crime. Drawing on the challenges and lessons learnt from the US experience, the report puts forward considerations for implementing similar justice re-investment strategies in the UK. To read the report please click here.


EM Conference

THE CEP would like to invite electronic monitoring experts to the 8th European conference on this topic on 8 -10 November 2012 in Balsta, Sweden please click here to see the invitation. The focus of the EM conference is to proceed towards a “gold standard” in the practice of Electronic Monitoring please click here to see a draft agenda.


EM Re-competition Project Bulletin

Yvette Ball is the PCA EM lead and member of the re-procurement stakeholder group. She recently attended a demo of different types of ‘tag’ and has sought comments from the PCA portfolio group on the proposed portal requirements for the new contracts from which an EM bulletin was produced which you can read by clicking here. If any PCA member wishes to know more or be a part of the portfolio reference group, please contact Yvette.