Supervising 250,000 adult offenders in the community…

The Probation Trusts in England and Wales employ nearly 21,000 staff  who work

  • to punish offenders
  • to protect the public from serious offenders
  • to reduce re-offending
  • to rehabilitate offenders
  •  to ensure offenders’ awareness of the effects of crime on the victims of crime and the public

This means:

  • Preparing about 250,000 offender reports for courts each year
  • Supervising over 200,000 adult offenders in the community at any one time
  • Offering contact to between 15,000 and 16,000 victims of violent or sexual crime a year
  • Managing 43,160 adult offenders either before or after release from prison (2007/08 figures)
  • Working to ensure the effective management of around 50,000 specified sexual, violent and other dangerous offenders in the community (2007/8 figures)

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