Policy and practice documentation

This area holds policy or practice documents produced by PCA or by partner organisations.  They relate to matters of policy or practice that are of general interest.

The Offender Engagement  Programme

The Offender Engagement Research Programme

Changing Lives and Reducing re-offending through the power of one to one relationships, Elaine Ellis, Internal Evaluator:  Elaine Ellis – Research Seminar 27th September

Developing a new approach to helping staff to improve readiness to engage  Kane, Eddie – readiness to engage

Staff Skills Required for Desistance Focused Practice in Approved Premises with Sex Offenders , Dr Francis Cowe, Deputy Director of the Valleys Institute and University of Wales, Newport: Cowe – Desistance Focussed Practice in Approved Premises FC

Engaging offenders through accredited rehabilitation programmes, Rosie Travers, Rehabilitation Programmes Unit: Travers – Engagement through accredited programmes

Talking To Politically Motivated Prisoners About Desistance, Tim Chapman, University of Ulster: Chapman – Talking with political prisoners

Judicial Engagement – problem solving courts, Gill McIvor, University of Stirling: McIvor – judicial engagement

Observing Supervision in Jersey, Peter Raynor, Pamela Ugwudike, Maurice Vanstone, Swansea University: Observing Supervision in Jersey for OEP seminar 270911

Active Maturation: Explaining the Crime Drop on Early Adulthood: Anthiny Bottoms and Joanna Shapland: Desistance Case Studies

The Long Term Impacts of Probation Supervision: Is Impact Detectable After 15 Years? Ben Hunter, Stephen Farrell, Gilly Sharp (Sheffield University) and Adam Calverley (Hull University): Long Term impacts of Probation Supervision

Reanalysing the Dynamics of Compliance: Towards a ‘useful ‘model of research enquiry – Giving Compliance Back, Trish McCulloch, University of Dundee: McCulloch -Dynamics of Compliance

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) have been running an Offender Engagement Programme. Read an overview from the Programme Managerm, Martin Copsey: Offender Engagement Programme bulletin overview July 2011

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