Measuring up – Probation Chiefs welcome new reoffending measure.

Community workersThe Probation Chiefs Association lobbied long and hard for the new and much more transparent method of measuring adult reoffending rates, launched by the government today. Read why it will be easier for criminal justice professionals, victims and the public to understand how probation trusts in England and Wales measure up.

Winning Gold – Probation achieves supreme business award.

BQF Gold awardThe Probation service in England and Wales has become the first public sector organisation to win the British Quality Foundation’s 2011 Gold medal for Excellence. PCA Chair Sue Hall together with Sebert Cox, Chair of the Probation Association accepted the award on behalf of the service for its outstanding commitment to sustained excellence.

Courts are Probation’s primary customer

Offender with family supportProbation chiefs reach the 25,000-strong membership of the Magistrates’ Association as the PCA launches the first of its regular probation slots in the October issue of The Magistrate magazine. Read Chair Sue Hall’s cover article about what’s at stake for courts and probation alike and joint Vice-Chair Diana Fulbrook’s summary of the PCA’s response to the Ministry of Justice probation review currently underway.