The Probation Chiefs Association’s response to Daily Mail Story – ‘Criminals? No, they’re customers’

PCA Chair Sue Hall, Chief Executive of West Yorkshire Probation, writes:

Daily Mail journalist Steve Doughty criticises Heather Munro, the Chief Executive of London Probation, for suggesting an approach that considers offenders as a ‘customer group’, which gives them the ‘chance to speak about their needs’. By doing this London Probation aims to further improve services to reduce reoffending and thereby protect the public.Listening to the ‘user voice’ is something all organisations should do. The people on the receiving end of services know what is more likely to work and be effective. Why should this not be the case with offenders? Their feedback can inform, but not dictate services.

Probation’s number one priority is always the protection of the public by reducing reoffending. The men and women we supervise are offenders and we do not forget that fact. However, this does not mean that Probation doesn’t want to hear their views.

75 thoughts on “The Probation Chiefs Association’s response to Daily Mail Story – ‘Criminals? No, they’re customers’

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